Individual Instructions and responsibilities for all involved in the review process within the timeline:

  • PRC Secretary
    Communicates with program directors explaining the PRC Review Process and timeline.  Also, requests names and emails of key faculty inside and outside the department, as well as the current advisory committee names and email addresses.  Responsible for sending out all program surveys in April of each year (spring prior to the fall for the programs under review).
  • PRC Chair, PRC Vice Chair and PRC Secretary
    Meet with dean, program director, and chair of primary department (and/or director of a school) to discuss the review process.  This is the orientation meeting conducted in March of each year (spring prior to the fall for the programs under review).
  • PRC Secretary
    Sends the results of the PRC surveys to committee members and individual program directors, department chairs, associate deans and deans.  The PRC surveys will not be available on line (end of April).  Over the summer the PRC Secretary will update the PRC website to include the fall's academic year meeting schedule, committee membership, program specific information, etc.
  • PRC Consultants
    Meet with program director and possibly chair of primary department to review the procedures, deadlines, and assist in any manner.  The consultants will stay in touch with the program director for any questions or guidance in the fall semester.  The consultants are assigned to the programs at the first PRC meeting scheduled in September.
  • Program Director 
    Writes the self study in consultation with the department chair, and/or associate dean and dean and presents to the full PRC.  The presentations are only able to be secured at the PRC meetings marked with an (*). 
  • Program Director, Department Chair, Associate Dean and Dean
    Program director, in consultation with department chair, associate dean and dean, responds to the questions in the program director self-study template forwards the report to the respective consultants for review.  Program Directors are encouraged to work very closely with their department chair, associate dean and dean with their self-study.  Sharing the final draft prior to submitting it to the PRC Secretary.  The final self-study is due two weeks prior to the program director's presentation.  The final report must be emailed to the secretary who in turn sends it out to the PRC members.
  • PRC Consultants
    Writes the program consultant report and attempts to forward it to the committee prior to the program director's presentation/discussion.
  • PRC
    Reviews PRC Consultant report and forwards the final of such to the respective dean.
  • Dean
    Writes his/her response to recommendation report as the Dean's Response.
  • PRC
    Reviews the Dean's response/findings and approves final recommendation reports.
  • PRC Secretary
    Sends the program's self-study, consultant report and dean's response to Faculty Senate.
  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee
    Accepts the recommendation report.
  • Faculty Senate
    Accepts the recommendation report.
  • Chancellor
    Receives the recommendation report.
  • Provost/PRC Secretary
    Submit committee findings to UW System via the PRC Annual Report.