Ethnic Studies Categories

Courses that satisfy the ethnic studies requirement are categorized as either A, B or C level courses. They deal in some aspect with sensitivity to African American, Asian American, Hispanic and Native American cultures. As an overall goal they are expected to discourage racism and thus reduce its effects and to promote appreciation of ethnic diversity as it is manifested in non-white groups.

Category A - Comprised of courses that deal directly with diversity in an American culture.

The primary goals of courses in this group should, by their content and objectives, attempt, in part, to achieve the overall goals stated above. Courses that consider exclusively the culture of one of the designated ethnic groups belong in this category, as do courses that juxtapose material of or about several cultural groups in order to develop understanding.

Category B - Comprised of courses that teach American cultural diversity through "infusion"

Courses in this group should show the place of diverse American cultures in American society. While their primary goals might be to teach such subjects as American business, education, or history of literature, the courses must be designed so that the roles played by the designated cultural groups in the American experience is integral to the course. Some of the objectives should reflect the multi-cultural nature of the course, and the goals should be understanding and appreciation rather than pragmatic professional concerns.

Category C - Comprised of courses with a significant multi-cultural component

The primary goals of these courses would be to teach a professional skill, a humanistic theme, a practical consideration. In each case the course would include a multi-cultural component, and some objectives to foster understanding, but the exposure to cultural diversity would be secondary to other goals.

Departments wishing new or existing courses to be considered for inclusion on the approved list of ethnic studies courses should submit the course (or revised course) to the CIC in the same way as other new courses or revisions. The appropriate box should be checked on the course transmittal sheet and a suggested category designation made for the course. A Design for Diversity Curriculum Development Advisory Committee will meet prior to the CIC meeting and review the material and recommend to the CIC a category designation. Proposers may be asked to meet with the advisory group to explain how the course relates to the Design for Diversity categories.

The advisory committee is also expected to advise departments on possible changes, encourage departments to bring forth changes and provide educational material to the campus on the ethnic studies requirement.

For a list of courses that meet the requirement, see the General Education, Ethnic Studies, and Global Perspective course list.