Curriculum and Instruction Committee

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The all-university Curriculum and Instruction Committee (CIC) has existed since the mid 1960s.  In 1981, the CIC became a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and its responsibilities were expanded to include curriculum policy considerations in addition to review of proposals for curriculum changes. The CIC makes recommendations to the Provost on behalf of the Faculty Senate on all curricular proposals.

From Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointees Handbook -

  • Purpose
  1. This committee shall be accountable to the Faculty Senate, as representative of the faculty which has primary responsibility for curriculum and instruction. All Curriculum Committee actions shall be communicated to the Provost on behalf of the Senate.
  2. The purposes of the committee shall be to review, develop, and recommend policy and guidelines regarding curriculum to the Faculty Senate and approve or disapprove requests for new courses, course revisions, new programs, program revisions, major and sub-major academic programs, minors, concentrations, and specializations.
  • Objectives
  1. To review, develop and recommend new and/or modified curriculum policies.
  2. To serve as an academic forum to discuss and act upon proposals for credit-producing learning experiences as well as major and sub-major academic programs and specializations.
  3. To encourage a transdisciplinary approach to curriculum and instructional growth.
  4. To promote academic excellence and educational opportunity and encourage the use of appropriate standards throughout the curriculum.
  5. In coordination with the Associate Vice Chancellor, the committee will review and make recommendations concerning the university's Curriculum Handbook.