Prepare Students for a Global Society and Workforce

Action Project

Institution: University of Wisconsin-Stout
Submitted: 2007-02-26

Planned project kickoff date: 2005-01-01
Target completion date: 2005-01-01
Actual completion date:
A. Give this Action Project a short title in 10 words or fewer:
Prepare Students for a Global Society and Workforce
B. Describe this Action Project's goal in 100 words or fewer:
The goal of this project is to better prepare UW-Stout graduates for a global society. The following action steps will be taken:

1). Assign a committee to make recommendations to develop a cost-effective means to produce a global-ready graduate. Utilize the listening session comments as a resource in accomplishing this charge.
- Determine intercultural competencies of a global-ready graduate
- Review current global studies requirements
- Review current foreign language requirements

2). Incorporate global perspectives into experiential learning opportunities, including co-ops, internships, field experiences, etc.

3). Increase awareness of and access to study abroad opportunities for all students and faculty

4). Increase "internationalization at home" and diversity at a distance through existing technology
C. Identify the single AQIP Category which the Action Project will most affect or impact:
Primary Category: Helping Students Learn
D. Describe briefly your institution's reasons for taking on this Action Project now -- why the project and its goals are high among your current priorities:
This Action Project, Preparing Students for a Global Society and Workforce, was identified at the Strategic Planning Group's Summer Retreat and discussed at a series of listening sessions in the fall of 2006. This action project is related to the University enduring goals and to the AQIP Category, Helping Students Learn. This is one of two AQIP categories that UW-Stout intends to work consciously to improve over the next three years.
E. List the organizational areas - -institutional departments, programs, divisions, or units -- most affected by or involved in this Action Project:
Several areas of the campus will take a leading role in this project including the Office of International Education, the Career Services Office, Learning Technology Services. Each of those units has been assigned a major component of this project. Academic Program Directors and faculty members will also be involved in developing international sites, leading international programs and globalizing the curriculum. UW-Stout Curriculum and Instruction Committee will also play a key role.
F. Name and describe briefly the key organizational process(es) that you expect this Action Project to change or improve:
It is anticipated that there will be changes in the following process:
- Communication and promotion of international activities
- Expansion of study abroad and international co-op sites
- Integration of global concepts and content into teaching and learning process
- Potential changes in curriculum for specific academic programs and/or student graduation requirements
G. Explain the rationale for the length of time planned for this Action Project (from kickoff to target completion):
This project was discussed with the campus and finalized in the fall of 2006. It will kickoff in spring 2007 and is anticipated to be completed in no more than two years (see steps above). Due to the nature of this project, it is anticipated that there will be ongoing actions that will extend past the formal project period.
H. Describe how you plan to monitor how successfully your efforts on this Action Project are progressing:
This project will be monitored internally by the Office of Budget, Planning and Analysis and the Chancellor's Advisory Council. Every six months, a formal project update will be requested and shared with the two groups listed above. Also, performance indicators have been identified at the university level to measure the success of this, and other, action projects.  Progress on these performance indicators is reviewed annually. In addition, the champion for the project is the Director of the Office of International Education. This individual reports directly to the Provost and will provide her with informal progress updates.
I. Describe the overall "outcome" measures or indicators that will tell you whether this Action Project has been a success or failure in achieving its goals:
A number of measures will be reviewed at the end of the project including
- number of participants in experiential learning opportunities that incorporate global perspectives
- number of students who participate in study abroad programs
- student ratings on survey questions related to international activity
- number of courses that utilize "diversity at a distance" technologies
- student engagement
- international student enrollment
J. Other information (e.g., publicity, sponsor or champion, etc.):
The Director of the Office of International Education will serve as a champion for this project.

Last Action Project Update:  
A. Describe the past year's accomplishments and the current status of this Action Project.

B. Describe how the institution involved people in work on this Action Project.

C. Describe your planned next steps for this Action Project.

D. Describe any "effective practice(s)" that resulted from your work on this Action Project.

E. What challenges, if any, are you still facing in regards to this Action Project?
F. If you would like to discuss the possibility of AQIP providing you help to stimulate progress on this action project, explain your need(s) here and tell us who to contact and when?