The College of Management at UW-Stout offers a distinctive array of programs that prepare people for high demand positions in business and industry. Over 2500 students are enrolled in programs offered by the College of Management.

The B.S Business Administration programs offers students a solid foundation in business; what differentiates it from other business programs is its applied nature and technical emphasis. Students can select a specialized program of study in many of the technical areas, from quality management to sales. The business Administration program is candidate for accreditation with the ACBSP (The Association of College Business Schools and Programs). The ACBSP accreditation requirements are aligned with the prestigious Malcom Baldrige Award. UW-Stout received the 2001 Baldrige Award for its innovative, data driven, and stakeholder supported initiative.

Several of the College of Management programs are recognized internationally. The B.S Retail Merchandising and Management program prepares students to pursue leadership in the retail field, from mass merchandising, niche retailing and food marketing. The B.S Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management has produced graduates that now lead that industry in venues throughout the world. The B.S in Service Management is a unique offering, created to meet the needs of the growing service based enterprises.

The two fastest growing programs at UW-Stout are in the College of Management. Golf Enterprise Management, launched in 2006, has students enrolled in both on campus and off campus cohorts. The B.S in Management provides an opportunity for distance learners to complete a baccalaureate program via instructional distance technologies. This program now boasts 8 locations around the state of Wisconsin as well as Minnesota.

The College of Management is very proud of its graduate program array that includes on campus as well as off campus learning opportunities for students. The M.S Training & Development; M.S Risk Control and M.S Technology Management are serving students who, in most cases, are working full time and continuing their education as working adults.

New programs are under development: watch for a new Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain Management, a new Master's Degree in Applied Management and a relaunch of the M.S in Hospitality and Tourism.

The faculty and staff who serve these programs as leaders and professors bring a passion for their respective disciplines and the students they serve. Many faculty serve as leaders in national and international professional associations and are engaged in professional development activities on a regular basis. They are committed to Stout and its programs and take a great deal of pride in the accomplishments of our graduates.

The College of Management continues to monitor the the economy and the business environment to best prepare its students for lucrative and successful careers. In addition to undergraduate and graduate education, the College sponsors several executive education programs. The People Process Culture Center facilitates an annual executive in residency sponsored by the Cabot endowment. The Hospitality and Tourism Executive in Residency is new and incorporates business and industry involvement in student professional development. Other new programs targeting the needs of business and industry are currently being developed.