CAHSS Governance Committee

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Governance Committee is comprised of two representatives from each CAHSS department who qualify as voting members of the college. Members serve two-year terms. Responsibilities of the committee include reviewing and helping to coordinate college bylaws revisions; providing feedback about the college mission, vision and strategic plan; facilitating college-level awards and competitions; ensuring that college members have opportunities to participate in an evaluation of the dean and assistant/associate dean; formulating a recommendation when needed for possible changes in the positions of dean or assistant/associate dean; and representing the will of the college.

2014-2015 CAHSS Governance Committee Membership

Daniel Atyim, Art and Art History, 2014-2016
Geoffrey Wheeler, Art and Art History, 2013-2015

Alex DeArmond, Design, 2014-2016
Benjamin Pratt, Design, 2013-2015

Fassil Fanta (chair), Social Science, 2014-2016
Kate Thomas, Social Science, 2013-2015

Monica Berrier, English and Philosophy, 2013-2015
Glenda Jones, English and Philosophy, 2014-2016

Jerry Hui, Mass Communication, Foreign Languages, Performing Arts, 2014-2016
Aaron Durst, Mass Communication, Foreign Languages, Performing Arts, 2013-2015