2017-2018 Sabbaticals

The purpose of the faculty sabbatical program is to enable recipients to be engaged in intensive study to become more effective teachers and scholars and to enhance their services to the University.  This privilege is granted to faculty members on the merit of their past academic contributions.

  • James Burritt, Biology – Fall, 2017
  • Alex DeArmond, Design - Full Year
  • Elena Marshall, English and Philosophy – Spring, 2018
  • Nels Paulson, Social Science – Full Year
  • Shelley Pecha, Design – Fall, 2017
  • Jongeun Rhee, Operations and Management – Full Year
  • Forrest Schultz, Chemistry and Physics – Full Year

Research Fellows Program

Individuals may apply for reassigned time in a competitive process to become a UW-Stout Research Fellow.  This year’s program will provide a total of four reassigned time positions (one 3-credit release per person), which will be taken in the spring of 2017, to successfully complete substantive research

This year’s recipients are:

Ethics Fellow: 
  • Tina Lee (Fall 2017)
Ethics Fellow:
  • Thomas Pearson (Spring 2018)
Research Fellow w/Discovery Center Extension : 
  • Jennifer Astwood (Fall 2017- extended to Spring 2018)
Discovery Center Sponsored Fellow: 
  • Kevin W. Tharp (Fall 2017)
Research Fellows:
  • Wan Bae (Fall 2017)
  • Gregory Bard (Fall 2017)
  • Lopa Basu (Spring 2018)
  • Eric Brey (Fall 2017)
  • Dmitry Kadnikov (Spring 2018)
  • Jerry Kapus (Fall 2017)
  • Laura McCullough (Fall 2017)
  • Daisy Pignetti (Fall 2017)
  • Mary Spaeth (Fall 2017)
  • John Spartz (Fall 2017)
  • Xiaoyan (Shawn) Xu (Fall 2017)

Chancellor's Academic Staff Award for Excellence

  • These $2,500 awards are a recognition of and investment in academic staff individuals who have demonstrated outstanding ability and performance and show potential for future professional contributions to UW-Stout. Two awards will be given annually as determined by the criteria set forth, with final approval by the Chancellor.
  • This year we were fortunate to be able to offer the award to three individuals listed below.  This award is to be used for professional development during the year July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.
        • James Handley, Social Science
        • Arthur Kneeland, Biology
        • Jeanne Rothaupt, Director/University Counseling

Chancellor's Award

  • The Chancellor's Award is presented after each semester for outstanding scholastic achievement to undergraduate students at UW-Stout who complete a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits with a 3.5 or higher grade point average. Students receive a certificate noting the achievement. A special Four Star recognition award will be given to students who attain a straight "A" average with a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits for the semester.
  • Fall semester award certificates are mailed out in late January.  Spring semester award certificates are mailed out in late June. 
  • University Communications provides Hometown News Service for students receiving the Chancellor's Award.

University Staff Employee Appreciation Award

Outstanding Teaching Award

  • Graduate and undergraduate students at UW-Stout vote for the Outstanding Teaching Award.  This award recognizes our teachers for their commitment to excellence and the university community and is presented at the fall engagement sessions in late August.  The recipients for 2015-2016 academic year are:
    • Jill Paetzold
    • Bernie Mullen
    • James Burritt
    • Keith Wojciechowski
    • Robin Muza
    • Melody Brennan
    • Daniel Atyim
    • Christopher Freeman
    • Alicia Stachowski

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award

  • This award is given to a graduate faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and assistance to the graduate student community.  The recipient for the 2015-2016 academic year is:
    • Alicia Stachowski, Psychology


The University of Wisconsin-Stout named professorships are to be viewed as an investment in individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance and show promise for continued professional development and contributions to UW-Stout.  Below is a listing of our most recent recipients:

  • Dahlgren Professorship - Nels Paulson (2017-18)
  • Maybelle Ranney Price Professorship - Sapna Thapa  (2017-18)
  • Lenore Landry Apparel Design/Manufacturing Professorship - Gindy Neidermyer (2015-18)
  • G.A. Taft Manufacturing Engineering Professorship - Wei Zheng (2016-19)
  • Andrew Schneider Professorship - Jerry Kapus (2017-19)

Promotion and Tenure (2017-18)

The goal of the tenure and promotion policy and process is to provide a responsive and supportive collegial system which will foster the growth of excellent faculty capable of meeting the needs of students, the department, and the profession. The successful candidate will demonstrate the necessary expertise for a high level of personal and programmatic achievement by public actions over a number of years. Such actions should put the candidate and department in a favorable light with other professionals and with the varied audience for the department’s programs.


  • Diebel, Sarah
  • Fraher, Robert
  • Freeman, Christopher
  • Kelsey, Daniel
  • Lee, Eun Joo
  • Lee, Tina
  • Murray Husted, Ursala
  • Ruefman, Daniel
  • Stachowski, Alicia
  • Wojciechowski, Keith
Promotion (Associate Professor w/


  • Barnett, Amanda
  • Ghenciue, Eugen
  • Kadnikov, Dmitry
  • Murray Husted, Ursala
  • Ogden, Mitchell
  • Schneider-Bateman, Gregory

Promotion (Professor)

  • Bessert, Michael
  • Ding, Xuedong (David)
  • Drzakowski, Kevin
  • Jones, Glenda
  • Kramschuster, Adam
  • Lea, Virginia
  • Little, Amanda
  • Olson, Diane
  • Rhee, Jongeun
  • Sweat, Jeffrey
  • Wood, Sarah

Promotion (Associate Professor)

  • Brennan, Melody
  • Lovejoy, Chelsea
  • Mensink, Michael
  • Thapa, Sapna
  • Williams, Andrew

2016-17 Educator of the Year Award

A well-educated workforce is critical to staying competitive and vibrant in today’s challenging economy. The Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce has a long tradition of acknowledging the achievements of our area’s students and teachers.

  • Arthur Kneeland - Senior Lecturer, Biology Department, College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management