Activities and Updates

Invitation for Public Comment

The University of Wisconsin-Stout invites comments from the public about the university in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency. 

UW-Stout will host a visit March 28-29, 2016, from a team representing the Higher Learning Commission. The university has been accredited by the Commission since 1928. The team will review the institution's ongoing ability to meet the Commission's Criteria for Accreditation. 

The public may submit written comments regarding UW-Stout to:
Third-Party Comment on the University of Wisconsin-Stout The Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1411 

The public may also submit comments through the Commission's website at A direct link to the third-party comment page is:

Comments must be in writing and address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. All comments must be received by March 27, 2016.

Higher Learning Commission Campus Visit

  • UW-Stout will receive a visit from the Higher Learning Commission on March 28-29, 2016, as part of the standard, 10-year accreditation cycle for the university. 
  • In preparation for this visit, UW-Stout must prepare an assurance argument, demonstrating how it complies with the criteria for accreditation, and a Federal Compliance packet, addressing information on the assignment of credits, the student complaint process, practices for verifying student identity, Title IV program responsibilities, advertising and recruitment materials, and student outcome data.
  • A team comprised of Meridith Drzakowski, Jackie Weissenburger, Glendali Rodriguez and Kristi Krimpelbein are taking the lead on assembling these materials. Any questions about the visit should be referred to any member of this team. The group is also available to attend meetings upon request to share additional information about the visit and the requirements. The team has been working closely with the Deans, department chairs and Senates.
  • Additional teams have been formed to investigate specific requirements, including the student complaint process, the student handbook, the credit hour definition and verification of student identity practices.

Quality Initiative

  • As part of the requirements for accreditation, UW-Stout submits a "Quality Initiative" to the Higher Learning Commission. The Quality Initiative takes place between years 5 and 9 of the accreditation cycle and is intended to allow institutions to take risks, aim high, and learn from partial successes or failures. 
  • UW-Stout's current Quality Initiative is about developing systems and processes for continuing to increase the quality of the faculty and staff. It focuses primarily on addressing gaps in competitive compensation, growing the infrastructure for advancing the research enterprise, and improving campus climate and job engagement.
  • Progress on this initiative is reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group as part of the planning process. UW-Stout will be required to submit a progress report on this initiative in August 2015.

FOCUS 2020 Strategic Plan

  • Following a series of meetings and feedback sessions, the FOCUS 2020 strategic plan has been finalized. 
  • Chancellor Meyer would like to thank all of the people who provided input on the goal statements and performance indicators.
  • On July 15, 2015, the Strategic Planning Group will be gathering for its annual retreat where they will discuss initial actions we might take to begin our work on these goal statements. However, with the current budget situation, our ability to fund initiatives may be more limited.

2013-14 UW-Stout Fact Book

  • The 2013-14 UW-Stout Fact Book is now available!
  • The Fact Book is divided into five main sections
    • Overview
    • Student data
    • Faculty and staff data
    • Financial data
    • Support services

Student Jobs Program

The Chancellor has approved the continuation of the Student Jobs Program for 2014-15.

  • There was a record 75 proposals submitted for the 2014-15 program
  • 43 proposals were approved, totaling 110 student positions
  • The funded positions include a mix of continuing and new proposals
  • For additional information, please visit the Student Jobs Website (intranet log-in required).
  • Please contact Jen Mans in the PARQ Office with any questions

State Budget Information

  • Please refer to the State Budget Updates and Information webpage for documents, communications and recent news coverage related to the state budget.

Contact Information:

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