Chancellor's Cabinet

The Chancellor's Cabinet is an extension of the Chancellor's Office.  It exists as a means for discussing various matters concerned with the university's welfare.


  • To provide opportunity for the Chancellor to discuss matters with administrators of each division in a context where interrelationships among the divisions can be explored
  • To develop plans for carrying out university policies and procedures
  • To provide a sounding board for the Chancellor on university matters
  • To provide an opportunity for members of the Chancellor's Cabinet to bring forth issues


  • Chancellor, Bob Meyer
  • Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Patrick Guilfoile
  • Chief Human Resources Officer and Sr. Special Assistant, Kristi Krimpelbein
  • Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Student Life Services, Phil Lyons
  • Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and Marketing, Mark Parsons
  • Assistant Chancellor for Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality, Meridith Drzakowski
  • Chief Information Officer, Sue Traxler
  • Executive Director of University Communications and Federal Relations, Doug Mell

Contact Information

Kristi Krimpelbein
Chief Human Resources Officer
and Sr. Special Assistant

Phone: 715-232-2443