Program Information


Got Change? is an Administrative and Student Life Services (ASLS) program designed to encourage all ASLS employees to contribute innovative suggestions to enhance efficiency or improve working conditions.

Suggestion requirements

Suggestions should benefit the division and university by:

  • eliminating inefficiencies or waste
  • saving money, resources, or time
  • improving working conditions or campus conditions
  • increasing safety, promoting health, or improving morale.

Suggestions must include:

  • A description of the problem or of the area to be improved
  • A description of the solution
  • An analysis of the benefits

Suggestions must be constructive and impersonal.

How do I submit a suggestion?

You can submit suggestions using the online form.

Or you can print a PDF form and mail it to... 
     Got Change?
     225 ADMIN

Who can submit suggestions?

Any ASLS employee--or group of employees--may submit a suggestion at any time. Although this program is aimed at ASLS employees, non-division employees may also use this form to submit suggestions to ASLS.

What happens after I submit a suggestion?

On receiving your suggestion, the suggestion coordinator will respond by email (if applicable) and evaluate the suggestions for appropriate ideas.

If the suggestion requires minimal resources and impacts a single department, the coordinator will forward it to the appropriate department personnel for review at an upcoming meeting.

If the suggestion requires significant resources or impacts multiple departments, the coordinator will forward it to the ASLS Council for review at an upcoming meeting.

If the suggestion is approved, the approvers will make recommendations and assign individuals to implement the suggestion. The goal is to discuss and act on suggestions within 2 months of receiving them.

After the suggestion is reviewed, the coordinator will post a response to the suggestion via email, via this website, or via both—even if the suggestion was not approved.