2011-2012 UW-Stout Safety Award Winners

Martin Baumgartner, George Deflorin, Erick Edens, Kevin Goodell and Bradley Thornton received the university’s Safety Recognition Awards at a reception hosted May 17 by the university’s Safety and Worker’s Compensation Committee.

Chancellor Sorensen presented the Safety Recognition Awards, which recognize employees who demonstrate above-and-beyond safe work practices and help create a safety-conscious culture on campus.


From left: Erick Edens, George Deflorin, Bradley Thornton, Chancellor Sorensen, Kevin Goodell, & Marty Baumgartner


Marty Baumgartner, University Dining Services, was honored for creating safer workspaces and for communicating effectively about safety concerns.   


George Deflorin, Physical Plant, was recognized for identifying potential safety hazards and for modeling safe work practices.  


Erick Edens, Physical Plant, was honored for proactively addressing safety issues and for informing others of unsafe situations.  


Officer Kevin Goodell, Health and Safety, was recognized for developing a campus-wide inventory of fire-safety equipment and sharing it with the campus community.   


Brad Thornton, Applied Arts, was recognized for implementing laboratory-safety training for students and for designing innovative safety systems.

Committee Chair John Lui Dining Crew

Safety Recognition Award

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