Polytechnic Definition and Tenets

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents created a unique institution in March 2007, even though that institution dates back to 1891. The Regents designated UW-Stout as “Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University,” the first designation of its kind in the history of the system.


UW-Stout is a comprehensive, career-focused polytechnic university where students, faculty and staff use applied learning, scientific theory and research to solve real-world problems, grow the state’s economy and serve society.


  • Career Focus: A polytechnic university offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares graduates for professional careers.

  • Applied Learning: A polytechnic university blends theory with practice to produce innovative solutions to real world problems.

  • Collaboration: A polytechnic university works closely with business, industry and other educational institutions to benefit students and grow the economy.