Quality Consultants

Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen

Charles W. Sorensen

Charles W. Sorensen is Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Before his appointment in 1988, he served as a member of the faculty and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Grand Valley State University and as Academic Vice President at Winona State University. He has been a strong advocate of partnerships with the private sector and building alliances with K-12 schools. Under his leadership, UW-Stout developed a technology park and an award winning technology transfer program. He has served on state wide committees and a blue ribbon commission on the future of the state's economy. Dr. Sorensen has been a strong advocate for distance education, developing a digital campus at UW-Stout, private fund-raising, and using quality tools in an educational environment. He earned a B.A. from Augustana College, a M.S. from Illinois State University, and holds a Ph.D. (history) from Michigan State University.

Meridith Drzakowski, Assistant Chancellor for Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality

Meridith Drzakowski
Assistant Chancellor for Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality 

Meridith Drzakowski is Assistant Chancellor for Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality (PARQ) at UW-Stout. The PARQ Office is responsible for strategic planning and accountability, institutional research and assessment, quality, and university policies. Dr. Drzakowski has been actively involved with Baldrige and AQIP efforts at UW-Stout, and has presented nationally and regionally on UW-Stout's planning process, performance management system, and quality improvement initiatives. She has more than ten years of experience managing or conducting research and strategic planning at UW-Stout.  Dr. Drzakowski received her B.A. in Psychology and Biology from Saint Olaf College in 1999, her M.S. in Applied Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2001, and her Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Administration (Evaluation Studies) in 2007 from the University of Minnesota.