The 1890s


  • James Huff Stout introduces manual training and domestic science into the Menomonie Public Schools through the Stout Manual Training School -- three instructors teach about 40 grammar and secondary students.
  • Benjamin Harris is president.
  • Wireless telegraphy begins.
  • W.L. Judson invents the zipper.
  • James Naismith invents basketball.
  • Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" published.


  • Grover Cleveland elected president.
  • Diesel patents internal combustion engine.
  • Ellis Island opens in Upper New York Bay.
  • First automatic telephone switchboard introduced.


  • Stout's new three-story manual training school building is ready for occupancy.
  • World Exhibition held in Chicago.
  • Henry Ford builds his first car.


  • Elected president of Menomonie Board of Education, J.H. Stout finances the introduction of kindergarten into the three Menomonie grammar schools.
  • Stout first elected to Wisconsin State Senate.
  • Art department added to the Stout Manual Training School.
  • Modern Olympic Games organized by Baron de Coubertin.
  • Edison opens his Kinetoscope Parlor in New York.
  • Kipling publishes "The Jungle Book."


  • Cuba fights Spain for independence.
  • First professional football game played.
  • Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" ballet first performed.


  • Knapp, Stout & Co., Company celebrates 50th anniversary.
  • Nobel Prizes established.
  • Klondike gold rush begins.
  • Utah becomes 45th state.


  • The manual training school and public high school are destroyed by fire, replaced with brick structures.
  • Senator Stout appointed to University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.
  • William McKinley inaugurated president.
  • J.J. Thomson discovers electron.


  • Stout re-elected to Senate.
  • United States declares war on Spain over Cuba.


  • Kindergarten Training School opens to meet need for kindergarten teachers.
  • Senator Stout finances beautification plan for schools and city.
  • First magnetic recording of sound.


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